Get paid to write articles – who’s buying?

Get paid to write articles

Get paid to write articles

If you want to get paid to write articles, probably a good idea to understand your potential buyers. There are actually several different types of article buyers out there:

  • Internet marketers
    This is probably my most frequent type of customer. They’ve got an e-commerce or affiliate marketing website and need a constant stream of new, high-quality content to help create traffic and give value to their buyers.
  • Traditional businesses
    At this point, every business needs a website – even plumbers, electricians, dentists, and massage therapists. Every website needs a spot for articles, both to build the business’ online presence and to attract attention from the search engines.
  • Newsletter publishers
    Now that everyone’s email box is nearly always full, many businesses find it’s working better for them to actually mail people ‘real’mail instead of relying on email. One of the best tools for customer retention and marketing is a monthly newsletter.
  • Website developers
    It used to be that if you built a website, people would come. It was kind of like having a city with just a few buildings – your odds of getting people coming in were pretty high. Now, just having a website isn’t enough – you need to have articles to create traffic for the site. Website developers often have a very different skill set from writers, and are thrilled to find a writing partner so they can offer this service to their clients.
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