Get Writing Clients: Using Twitter?

Get Writing Clients

Get Writing Clients: From Twitter?

When I started my business, the idea of using Twitter to get writing clients never crossed my mind. Probably because Twitter was just barely starting out at the time!

But I’ve got a system for you :)

  1. Identify a niche or industry you’d like to write for: personal trainers, dentists, house painters, whatever you want.
  2. Create a Twitter profile for your writing business.
  3. Link it to your writing website, where you feature writing samples. (You could build a website using WordPress pretty easily – or you could pay someone to build it for you rather inexpensively.)
  4. Create a package deal you’ll offer your Twitter clients.
  5. Search for and follow people in the industry you want to write for.
  6. In your Twitter profile, include that offer you created in step 4.
  7. Many people will follow you back – when they do, contact them with a direct message and make your offer, providing them with a link to your portfolio.
One final tip on this – you may want to add a blog to your website, possibly about how articles could help someone in your chosen niche to market their business. Use these blog posts to Tweet a few times a day so your feed stays visible.
Let me know how you do if you try this! By the way, make sure you’re following me there!!/sahmwriter1 
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