Write to Earn: 3 disasters you can help your clients avoid


Write to Earn

Write to Earn: 3 disasters you can help your clients avoid

It’s way easier to write to earn a nice income from home when your clients are doing well financially. One of the key systems that’s got to function effectively for any business is marketing. Do it right, and the business thrives – fail at marketing, and the doors close soon.

So, back to helping your clients create and use a marketing calendar…

Obviously, one of the best benefits is decreasing the stress levels involved in marketing by doing advanced planning. But there are at least three disasters you can help your clients avoid by taking the time to get a marketing calendar. Here they are:

  • The Train Wreck Marketing Campaign – Use a marketing calendar to evaluate every marketing opportunity that comes up throughout the year. Measure these opportunities against what you’ve already got planned rather than just diving into something crazy that you’d never consider if you actually had something good planned. Sometimes “something” doesn’t beat “nothing” – by having good campaigns in place, you’ll make yourself invulnerable to bad marketing ideas.
  • The Clueless Approach – If you don’t track your results from every marketing campaign, you’ll have no idea what really works. With no clue, you’re left possibly doing more of what doesn’t work, and less of what actually works.
  • The Guessing Game Plan – Without a clear idea of what you’ll do for marketing each year, it’s pretty tough to estimate revenues. And unless you have a marketing calendar and track your results, you’ll be stuck in a perpetual cycle of guesswork. With a marketing plan in place, including results, your cycle will look more like: guess, implement, track, correct – and going forward, you’ll have a much better idea of what’s coming.

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