How to Make Money Writing: Protecting an important asset

Most of what we focus on here is how to make money writing… how to land and do writing gigs.

How to Make Money Writing
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How to Make Money Writing: Protecting an important asset


You are the most important asset in your business – and well-worth protecting and investing in. Your mind, body, and spirit are all part of what makes you a writer. Get one of these ‘divisions’ of your company out of whack, and you as a whole will suffer.

OK, all that prologue to say….

I now wear bi-focal contact lenses.

There. It’s out. I’m officially a tad over twenty-something :)

Screens are a huge part of your daily view as a freelance writer – not always exactly an eyeball-friendly environment. Aging had a lot to do with changes in your vision, but there’s a lot you can do to protect your vision from suffering from your business.

  • Keep your screens clean. It’s always amazing to me when I take my laptop out somewhere to work and the change in lighting reveals fingerprints and smudges (ok, maybe the occasional spot of coffee where I spit mine out laughing about something!) on the screen. Get in the habit of wiping your screen clean regularly.
  • Look somewhere else. I’ve heard that every 20 minutes you’re looking at your computer, take a minute to focus on objects at different distances than your screen… look far, look close, look far again. And a day now and then with NO screens isn’t a bad idea, either!
  • Get your vision checked every year. I’d gotten used to holding books or my Kindle kind of far out… started wondering why my arms seemed to be too short for me to read stuff! Turns out with my new lenses, I can see better than ever! And super nice not to have to keep track of glasses, and all the on and off I see my friends do to read or drive.
Got any other tips for protecting your vision?


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How to Make Money Writing

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