Working as a Writer: How much does scatter cost?

My working as a writer rule #1 for 2012: I don’t do scatter.

Working as a Writer

Working as a Writer

Scatter has been a pet for me, a companion nearly as constant as my buddy Woody. As a multi-task-prone entrepreneur, my natural preference is juggling a dozen tasks at once. One at a time is b-o-r-i-n-g. Having several projects open at one time means I can bounce from one to another when inspiration hits and then get everything finished at once with a big Ta-DAAAAAA!

Yeah. That’s not quite how it works.

In all honesty, I’d be afraid to have some sort of measurement of what scatter has cost me (and my writing team) through the six years or so I’ve had my writing business. No idea what that total would be, financially.

But here’s a cost I can see and feel and share.

Are you a list person? You know, the kind of person who gets a little kick out of checking something off because you got it done. Scatter makes that little pleasure elusive. With a pile of projects all about 80% complete, you never get to file anything away in your brain, marked DONE.

Of course if you’re writing for clients, that’s NOT going to fly. And that hasn’t been my issue – we VERY rarely miss a deadline. This is more about the ‘other’ projects you’ll have working as a writer: your own website, your marketing plan, that book you’re writing… you get the idea.

Having a big pile of these open projects feels about like you’re walking around with literal files. Eventually the stack gets so high you can’t see over it!

How’s scatter show up for you in working as a writer?

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