Write to Earn: Video marketing from a published article

Part of my write to earn plan for 2012 involved video marketing.

Here’s the video I created in just a few minutes from an article I published on EzineArticles.com.

Blockbuster material? Um, no. Not even close. Not even popcorn-worthy, really. However, I’ll be you a spooful of Nutella that Google will love it, and that it’ll show up in the search engine results page within a few hours of being posted. And while it’s not exactly going to win awards for, well, anything… I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a prospective client sees it and contacts me to order articles.

It took just a few minutes to make because I used (i.e. leveraged) an article from my EzineArticles account. Copy, paste, and repeat into a PowerPoint presentation. Save as jpeg files. Upload to my video creation service. Choose some music. Make a call to action. Produce the video. Export to YouTube. Copy and paste the embed code.


A piece of cake, and one more step closer to getting the reward I set for myself for article and video marketing this year: a lovely bottle of FlowerBomb perfume.

Oh yes, and quite possible a lovely new client or two.

You can get a free trial of this video creation tool, too. Here’s my link.

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