How to Make Money Writing: Building Book Sites

I’ve been learning how to make money writing books and publishing to Kindle.

how to make money writingIt hit me as this series of books went to the top of the lists on Amazon that perhaps…

I was doing something really STUPID!

See, I’d been promoting this cookbook series on my Facebook, posting images of our results…

and forgetting something really obvious: a book website!

I was drying my hair when it hit me – I should build a site for the series, if someone hadn’t already bought the domain name! (By the way, a word to the wise: Never, ever, ever mention a domain name you’re considering until you actually buy it!)

Anyhow, turned off the hair dryer, bought the domain name, and finished drying my hair.

Spent the next couple of hours building the site and linking to the series. Want to see the site? (Click the image to visit.)

how to make money writing

Click to visit






The cookbook project has been a great learning experience – a fun way to learn my way around Kindle, create a bit of passive income, and work together with some girlfriends. It’s been fun tying a bunch of skills together to work on it: research, writing, formatting, a bit of design, website creation, and internet marketing. Should be fun to see what kind of results we’ll create!

Hey, if you’re looking for some tasty treats for the Super Bowl, get the series!

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How to Make Money Writing

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