How to Make Money Writing: Do you see problems coming?

Part of learning how to make money writing is learning to anticipate money drains.

How to Make Money Writing

How to Make Money Writing

This is my cat Kim. This is one of his favorite spots to sleep – most likely because it’s the one spot in the house he’s nearly guaranteed not to be disturbed. Awwww…. cute. Yeah, whatever.

There’s a bit of a problem with his little nap nook.

Kim’s a menace. He doesn’t give a rip what he might knock over, break, smash, or destroy in the process of getting to where he wants to be. He jumps from the floor to the ironing board, then usually from the ironing board up to the top of a wardrobe, where he’ll sleep for hours (or at least until you’ve forgotten he’s up there). Then he jumps from said tall furniture onto the ironing board, then to the floor.

The problem is this: Anything on the ironing board when he makes one of these herculean jumps is going to bounce right onto the floor and break. Irons, cans of spray starch – we’ve lost some good laundry implements over the years.

So I’m onto him. (You’re wondering when this will get to how to make money writing… wait for it!)

I know he’s going to do this. I know I’m going to have 0% effectiveness in training him not to do it. Solution: put the iron and spray starch on the floor.

OK – so how to make money writing? You’re going to have MAJOR challenges sometimes with your business. You will succeed if you learn to fail fast, learn to anticipate problems, learn to be decisive enough to take evasive action. You will have miserable clients – and you’ll get that feeling about them from the start most times. You will have projects that you woefully underbid. You will have technology glitches that make writing a major challenge. You will have clients who drag their feet in paying.

Figure out what you’ll do BEFORE it all comes clattering to the ground. You’re not going to change your clients, the nature of projects, or the world of technology. But being the creative sort you are, I’m betting you can come up with a gloriously simple and effective solution.

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How to Make Money Writing

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