Will you do me a favor? And breakfast’s on me!

I’m in the process of publishing some new cookbooks – this series includes some favorites from my grandmother!

The Appalachian Table

She was an amazing woman who:

  • grew her own veggies
  • canned and froze them for the winter
  • maybe never bought bread from a store in her life!
  • made the most amazing soup (favorites were cauliflower and peanut… um, separately!)
  • made her own fruit preserves and jellies
  • always had a cookie jar full of toll house cookies

I miss her! And all that food!! :)

Anyhow, I included many of her recipes in these new cookbooks – whether you cook or not, you can make these!

Here’s the favor – I need reviews!

Here’s the cool thing – I can get you these books for free if you’ll write a nice review.

Send me a message and let me know which one you’ll review, and I’ll send it to you by email for free.

Click to see the books.

Let me know when you’ve posted your review, and I’ll send you the Master Collection for free, too… which includes Breakfasts!

Here are some helpful tips in writing reviews for Kindle books:

  • Be specific. Find a recipe in there you can’t wait to try? Mention it.
  • Paint a picture. People connect with real people, and can spot a fake review at a hundred paces. Be yourself as you write.
  • Be a little original in your headline.

And a few tips if you’re interested in publishing on Kindle, too:

  • Reverse engineer what you see. Success is always easier if you can see and dissect an example. My books were written using all I learned from my Kindle publishing mentor.
  • Get inspired! You’ll see this isn’t rocket science. I dare you NOT to come up with a list of ten books you’d like to publish on Kindle, too.
  • Start writing your own books to publish! At some point (soon!) I will offer a mini-course on this process, and you’ll be able to move faster if you’ve got some books ready to roll.


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