What to Charge for Writing Projects: You will fail.

What to Charge for Writing Projects

What to charge for writing projects is your biggest opportunity to screw up in this business.

What to Charge for Writing Projects

What to Charge for Writing Projects

Sorry, but it’s true. You’ll make mistakes as you price projects. Sometimes BIG mistakes. Sometimes big mistakes that take a while to clean up.

When they happen, you’re probably not going to burst out laughing, like I just did when I made this lovely kitchen mess. You can’t just call the dogs over for a little clean-up help.

You can get all the pricing suggestions in the world – and I share my pricing in Freelance Writers Bootcamp – but you will still make mistakes sometimes.

Why pricing is so tricky is this: The Forrest Gump Principle, which states, “Writing projects are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Until you’ve got ongoing, repeat projects with ongoing, repeat clients, you never know exactly what you’re messing with on pricing. Some projects are more straight-forward and less susceptible to disasters in estimation. Other projects are like playing a guessing game.

Which type of projects do you think would be smarter to go after on a regular basis? The ones you don’t have to strain your brain trying to price! There’s nothing that will stop me from sending a proposal for a project faster than that moment when I realize pricing it will take longer than doing it.

Your biggest learning curve will almost inevitably be what to charge for writing projects – especially when you’re just starting out. Take heart, though, I always ask other business owners about this, and no matter what the field is, pricing’s the biggest bear for all of us.

Check out Freelance Writers Bootcamp – it will help you avoid a big mess!

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