Write to Earn: How to Create Targeted Website Traffic

write to earn

Lost count off the top of my head, but my write to earn plan of publishing articles to Ezine Articles is moving forward.

Write to Earn
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Write to Earn


Here’s the next one:

If you own your own business and have a website, you’re on a constant quest to create targeted website traffic. One of the easiest ways for you is to provide fresh content to your website on a daily basis by publishing articles or blogs.

Here’s How It Works

Google and the other major search engines consider keywords when indexing your website. These keywords help to rank you on the search results pages. Your articles should contain the appropriate amount of keywords relevant to your services.

In addition to keywords, search engines also look at “backlinks” when considering ranking for search results. If a reader enjoys your article enough and finds it informative, they may share the link on their own website this is called creating a backlink. If you’re not ranking well, your customers, or prospective customers won’t be able to find you, unless they already know your business’ name.

What to Do

If you are placing your articles or blogs on another website make sure your link is included. This will drive those looking for more information about your services back to your website and helps to create targeted website traffic.

By creating fresh daily content and delivering it to the web regularly, you will begin to move up the ranks on Google and the other major search engines. You will also start to create a following of readers. If the quality of your articles continues to draw their attention, these readers will eventually become your customers.

The content you deliver has to be of good quality. The reader has to find the article or blog of interest as well as informative. Give them fresh original content and you will keep them coming back for more. They don’t want to read the same information that is available on hundreds of other blogs. They especially don’t want to read content that’s horribly written, full of grammatical errors and clich�s.

When you deliver a constant stream of informative, quality content to the web you brand yourself as the expert in the industry. Make sure you stick with what you know. Don’t publish articles on subjects bearing no relevance to your business or to the services you offer. If your business is printing, then focus on delivering content about printing. Keep the articles short and to the point. A standard article should be between 400-500 words. A blog can be effective at half that word count. Make sure each article or blog post has a strong call to action, to help convert your traffic into buyers.

If you follow these guidelines, before long you’ll see increased targeted website traffic, which in turn will increase your profits!

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