How to Make Money Writing: Student Success Story

how to make money writing

Who doesn’t love reading a real life story about someone who’s nailed how to make money writing?

How to Make Money Writing
by Tracy O under CC BY-SA  with
How to Make Money Writing


Here’s a note I just got from Frank F.:

Hey Sue, how’s it going? I just wanted to give you an update and let you hear about a student’s success. As you know, I made $ 2,000 my first month with your system, and then put it on pause for a couple of months until I came out here to Asia. When I started again, I had a bit of a dry spell at first, but about 3-4 months in, my income was up to $ 6,000 a month (that was in January this year). My lowest rate is now 27$ an hour – not very high, but I have to do ZERO promotion for that, so I don’t ever have to spend time bidding – and keep in mind, the money goes 3 times as far out here!
I also write articles for somebody else at 60$ an hour (again, with zero promotion necessary, it’s a steady gig now) and the article writing has also brought me a back-end of coaching clients for 97$ an hour. What’s more – the guy I’m writing for takes a big cut too, so we’re really charging almost twice that for people to talk to me for an hour. And that’s just the freelancing… I have a pre-launch for my own product coming up in the next couple of days as well! I was on Jeff Walker’s last program and it was GOLD.

You know I had really been looking for ways to make money online since 2007… heck, I even tried surveys online! Hard to believe in retrospect. But it wasn’t until I found and implemented your book three years later, in late 2010, that this all started happening. Thanks again… for being the catalyst, and getting the cash rolling my way – your book was the first stone in a long line of dominoes so to speak.

I am beyond proud every single time I hear of a student’s success!
Want to be the next success story? I’ll help you as much as I can. Just take the next step.
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How to Make Money Writing

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