Get Paid to Blog: Because Google pretty much said so.

Get Paid to Blog

When you get paid to blog, you know who Matt Cutts is, and you listen to what he’s got to say.

Get Paid to Blog
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Get Paid to Blog


Why? Because Matt’s the Google guy who announces what’s about to happen (ok, sometimes after the fact!) to websites everywhere as a results of whatever new algorithm change or ‘update’ Google does. And that’s going to impact you if you get paid to blog.

Read about it here:

In this particular case, he was saying stuff at the SXSW trade show last week. In fact, he was saying stuff that had me skipping through daisies this weekend – and if you catch what he’s saying and are serious about building a thriving writing business of your own, you’ll kick off your shoes and dance, too.

What’s dance-worthy here?

Well, way back in the early days of online marketing, it was easy to get found. Build a site, people came.

It’s gotten more complicated and challenging as Google’s gotten more sophisticated, more profitable, more driven to deliver relevant results.

Some marketers adjusted by trying to trick the Big G. Not good.

Others adjusted by sort of trying to trick Google. Iffy. They stayed within the letter of Googledom law, but just barely.

Still others tried to think like a Google bot and optimize the heck out of their sites. Again, within the bounds of the technical limits of what’s spam, but just barely so.

It’s this group that’s going to be hurting with the next update Google’s got in the works. There’s SEO, and now there’s OSEO (overly SEO’d). I have a feeling there will soon be lots of online marketing firms crying in their coffee. They’ve spent untold fortunes buying and building backlinks, spinning text, and skirting the limits of what’s considered white hat strategies.

It’s going to hurt.

Oh, but there’s ONE more category of marketer – and this type will be happy… possibly even smug :) These website owners have invested in high quality content rather than back-alley backlinks of suspect legitimacy. They either wrote their own content or paid a ghostwriter to create it. It’s been relatively slow but steady growth for them – but in the end, they’ll be the ones smiling.

Get paid to blog? You’re not only helping your clients take this never-ending task off their to-do list, you’re helping them build a strong foundation for the online part of their business – one Google’s going to reward.

One topic we discuss in Freelance Writers Bootcamp is who’s most likely to hire you – and how to connect with them effectively. Knowing what’s going to help them succeed is a big part of that. If you’re ready to become more than a writer who’s paid by the word, check out Bootcamp! Click: Freelance Writers Bootcamp


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